The brand La Catira Studio was born with the idea of finding and highlighting special and exceptional items (of clothing) to give a different distinctive style to a conscious cultural woman who also has sensible consumerism in mind.

“La catira” was the nickname that the nurses at a maternity hospital in Judibana (Venezuela) gave my mother when she was born. The word comes from the nearly extinct language of the Cumanagoto people, it means “fair haired girl” and it applies to most of the women in my family.

Since I was very young, I have always enjoyed dedicating time and care to looking for that distinctive item that will make me feel good and single me out. I think that now it is a good time to launch this online project that will allow me to share with you all the finds that come up my way. Lacatira studio has beautiful hand-picked vintage clothes that coexist with furniture, ceramics, accessories and contemporary pieces from independent artists.

We are in constant search to discover emerging designers and to carefully select the best pieces of clothing sourced from top fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona and Madrid. The vintage garments we hand-pick are exceptional items that will give you a uniquely modern contemporary look, avoiding a costume-y appearance or the sense that you have just stepped out of a time machine.